Christian Reformed Church
Sunday Bulletin
November 26, 2017

Morning Worship

Pastor Steve Van Noort



Opening Praise:
“How Can I Keep from Singing”
“Unbroken Praise”

Call to Worship
God’s Greeting
Gathering Songs: “Immortal, Invisible God Only Wise” PH 460

Confession and Assurance of Grace

Prayer of Confession
Assurance of Grace
Song of Response: “I Will Rise”


Congregational Prayer
Offering for the General Fund
Prayer of Blessing for the Children

God’s Word

Song of Preparation: “There Is A Higher Throne”

Message: “Grace Changes Everything: Perseverance of the Saints”

Song of Response: “I Love Your Church, O Lord” PH 510:1-3

God’s Blessing

Parting Blessing
Doxology: “Salvation Belongs to Our God”

Evening Worship

Prayer and Share Service

Gathering to Worship

Welcome & Opening Prayer

Opening Songs:
“Guide Me, O My Great Redeemer” PH 543:1-3
“Jesus, Name Above All Names”


Offering for Back to God Ministries

Continued Sharing and Songs


God’s Parting Blessing
Doxology: “Let It Be Said of Us”


November 26–December 3

Sunday 10:30 am Morning Worship
  6:00 pm Evening Worship
Monday 7:00 pm Worship Committee
Tuesday 6:30 am Men’s Bible Study
  10:00 am Tuesday Women’s Bible Study
  7:00 pm Council
Wednesday 9:30 am Senior Coffee
  7:00 pm Men’s Bible Study at Folkertsma’s
  7:00 pm SHINE
Thursday 1:00 pm Quilting
  7:00 pm Women’s Bible Study
Saturday 11:00 am Senior Luncheon
Sunday 9:20 am Sunday School
  10:30 am Morning Worship
  6:00 pm Evening Worship

Bethel Family

THANK YOU: Thank you to the small group who brought Thanksgiving dinner to Envision Mission. Thank you for bringing Jesus’ love to downtown Bellingham! The delicious meal you provided blessed us and blessed our Lord.


• The Joint CRC Christmas Cantata “Come to the Manger” is December 3 at Third CRC. There will be 2 evening presentations: 4:00pm and 6:00pm.
• The Sunday School Program “A Special Night in Bethlehem” will be December 17 at our 6:00 PM service.
• There is NO PM service Sunday December 24.
• Christmas Day Service is Monday December 25 at 10:00 AM.
• Our Old Year’s Service will take place Sunday December 31 at 6:00 with the Lord’s Supper.

SECRETARY POSITION: Our church secretary, Laura Powell, has requested to resign from her duties due to health reasons. We graciously thank Laura for her services to our church community. The Executive Committee (Doug Van Andel, Pastor Steve, Mark Tennant, Chad Drost, Harmen DeJong, Keith Korthuis) is accepting applications for the position of church secretary, and applications are available from any committee member or on the church website. We covet the congregation’s prayers to provide us candidates and to give us the wisdom we need in selecting a new church secretary.

FROM THE WORSHIP COMMITTEE: Please review the two hymnals in our church library. We are considering replacing the current grey Psalter Hymnals. Your comments and suggestions are encouraged and welcomed. Committee members are Chad Drost, Keith Korthuis, Mary Pitcher, Laura TeVelde, Pastor Steve, and Elaine Vos.

CHRISTMAS SENIOR LUNCHEON: Be sure to attend the Senior Christmas Brunch this Saturday in the Fireside Room at 11:00! There are signup sheets in the foyer and library. Or call Dolores Bosman, Kerri Meenderinck, or Marilyn Haak, who can pick you up if you would like a ride. Hope to see you for great food and fellowship!

MOM’S MINISTRY: Praise God that Mom's Time Out will begin January 17. Our young mom's ministry will happen at Bethel in 2018!! Please pray for the leaders as they work out the details and that many more moms will sign up.

QUILTING: We will meet again on November 30. We will not meet in December. See you in 2018!

MAYBERRY CAMP CHRISTMAS PARTY: Tuesday, December 19. More information to follow.

SHINE: We will continue our journey of learning about different Bible characters. This week, we will discuss the lives of Mary and Jonathan. We are also planning to have a Nerf war. Please bring your Nerf guns. If you have extras, please bring them with you to lend to others. If you don’t have any Nerf guns, we will have some extras for you to use.