Church services suspended

Worship Update for March 29

Dear Bethel Family:

Here is our March 29 worship update.

We have a full worship service to lead you through with songs and sermon all on video. The songs are led with Isabelle and Mandy singing while I play the guitar. We also have a link to download the packet of song sheets you can use to sing a long with. The words are not on the video so you will have to use the song sheets for the lyrics. Of course, if you have your own instruments you may use them instead and use the video for the just the sermon part. The goal is to encourage worship in the home and families and friends to sing together.

Looking at the number of views from last week, it seems likely that most if not all our church made use of the video. Thank you all for tuning in. I feel this is important because we need to stay unified and connected as a church as much as we can. 

I have spoken to many of you on the phone and through emails and texts. I hope to be able to be in contact with every church member over the next couple of weeks. I have made a prayer list of needs, and I pray for you regularly. Feel free to call, email, or text me about anything. I also am willing to meet with anybody outside in my lawn or front porch six feet apart. I’ll make some coffee or we can get Woods takeout. 

Like last week, we will have a few audio CDs and song sheets for pick up for those who are not proficient with the internet. Also, several from our church will be dropping off CDs and song sheets to those who cannot make it out and don’t use computers well. 

- Here is the YouTube link for the video:

- link to download song sheet packet:

In Christ,

Pastor Steve