Toward a Place of Belonging

We currently are hard at work to be a church that is a place of belonging to those with special needs. We believe this is an important part of our church living out the Gospel in all of life. Here is what we are in the process of doing:

  • hosting adult education classes to help us understand the needs of those with disabilities
  • working to create a culture change by calling people to be ready to invite people and families into their lives
  • getting ourselves ready to receive kids with autism, Down Syndrome, ADHD, and more by raising awareness and doing training for teachers and leaders.
  • working to to create a sensory room where kids can be watched by church members so that parents can enjoy the worship service without worrying about their kids.
  • creating a culture of understanding in the church to expect noise and disruption
  • we do not want to simply include people with disabilities in our church--we want them to belong. We are committed to finding ways to work with every unique situation so that those with disabilities or families with kids of disabilities shine using their gifts for the glory of Jesus Christ
  • having items for people to use during the worship service such as fidget spinners or sensory blankets

Below is an illustration from a speech given by Eric Carter on how churches can better be a place of belonging. We are striving to embody the image on the right.