Shine is our high school youth group.

Our youth are integral and valuable members of our church. Youth group is a discipleship opportunity for our high school students to grow in their faith. We meet on Wednesday nights from 7-9 pm at the youth house, which is west of our main church building. In general, our youth group is planned based on the rhythms of discipleship, fellowship, and service.


Discipleship- we focus our time to study the Scriptures, Christian doctrines, and their applications in our lives. The discipleship time organized through large and small group environments. Students are given the opportunity to dig deeper into God’s word, as well as their own faith journey.


Fellowship- this is an opportunity for students to grow their love for each other and form a bond of friendships among their peers and the adult mentors. This is also an opportunity for students to disciple each other and to invite new students into our fellowship.


Service- we encourage students to use their time, resources, and talents to serve God in their lives during youth group or on the other days of the week. During service time at youth group, we organize events to pray for and to provide hands-on assistance for our church community and the larger community.

Our high school students are also given the opportunity to apply to be student leaders and be a part of a Student Ministry Team (SMT). This team exists as a part of a lifelong discipleship effort for high school students “to equip His people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up” (Eph. 4:12). Along with our youth leaders, this team plans and organizes events, as well as prays, supports, and walks alongside other students in our youth group in their discipleship journey.

You can follow our activities on our Facebook page at Bethel CRC- Youth Groups.

We would like to welcome all students, regardless their faith stages, to our gathering. We have a spot for you!